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Our Typo Service

This tool is free and was designed for you to search for eBay auctions that have been listed with a title that has spelling errors sometimes called typos or fat fingers. Every day on ebay hundreds of auctions are created with typos.

Our service enables you to search for these items and bid on them. Because misspelled searches don't come up in ebay's listings you often have little or no competition for the items you are bidding on, so can grab a real bargain!

To get started, simply enter the keyword you would like to search for e.g. laptops then choose your desired eBay site from the drop down menu. Then press search!

Our tool works with the following eBay sites:
UK | USA | Australia | Canada | France | Italy | Netherlands | Belgium

Updated - now also works with these eBay sites:
Singapore | India | Ireland

What We Are All About

Have you searched on eBay for that item you have been looking for only to find that everyone else seems to want the same thing at the same time, which has driven the bid price to much more than you had hoped to spend?

Well if this sounds like a situation you encounter more times than not, you will be happy to know that you can profit from eBay misspellings and typos. That is right; those slight typos that nobody even thinks twice about, could be the real key to successful bidding on the eBay items you have been looking for.

What do we mean by eBay misspellings? Well, it could be anything such as instead of pool table, the auction creator might put it as one word, pooltable. They might even put pool tabl, leaving out the “e” or switch some letters around creating pool tabel. There are so many different types of typos and misspellings that could exist, it would be impossible to list them all. The point is, is that you can profit from any of the various misspellings right on eBay.

How can you profit? Consider this, if you are on eBay and you are searching for a specific item such as vintage clothing. Well, in most cases you would conduct a search under the keywords vintage clothing. The only results you would get are results that have the same spelling somewhere within their listing. Now, what you would not see are listings in which the creator may have inadvertently misspelled a word or two, or even purposely misspelled them to save on title space, such as vintage, vint., cloth, and so many other variations...more...

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Common Misspelled Words

  • ericsson
  • laptop
  • playstation
  • miniature
  • diesel
  • diamond
  • panasonic
  • nintendo
  • jewellery
  • volkswagen
  • more typos...

Why not?

Grab that eBay bargain and then resell it for profit!

Many items go unsold on auctions every day because they do not come up in the searches due to misspellings. These are a potential bargain!

Think of the money you could make buying cheap items from searching for typos, and then reselling them with a correctly spelled title for a nice profit.

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